Some extracts from the book Jeunes d'Afrique, Agissons ...

Quote 1

‘’Yes, our generation must commit. It must commit in all fields, especially in politics, whose major purpose is to improve the life of the majority of people.’’

Quote 2

‘’Young people must understand that engaging in politics must not be motivated by the search for power, otherwise they will miss the goal and not do real politics.’’

Quote 3

‘’The conquest for power, the one that could gather African youth, firmly engaged in a politics serving the people, first requires to know, anticipate and explain what will be done with the power, because power is after all a useless tool if not used for the people.’’

Quote 4

‘’The fight for the recognition of the suffering, bravery and authentic history and facts was courageously held by previous generations. Our generation must, without hesitation, move away from eternal complaints and dedicate its time to build a solid and prosperous near future worthy of the talents of the numerous young Africans.  In any case, the African youth,disillusioned, has the responsibility to surpass fine words, that bring us nowhere.’’

Quote 5

‘’In the same way, it is essential that the new generation remembers what is owes to the movement of negritude, culturally and politically. Thanks to this movement, young people are now proud to be black, ‘’negro’’ and assume it with ease. Remembering is a necessity, even if we have to admit that pan Africanism and negritude no longer resonates with the preoccupations of postcolonial generations who are frustrated and revolted to be unable to meet their basic needs. Faced with this reality, all generations, especially the youngest, have the historical responsibility to dynamically open the new path of hope with the spirit of ‘’fraternisme’’.

Quote 6

‘’ To be insightful fighters for unity, we must definitively break from this habit of not taking any responsibility and consisting in looking elsewhere, especially in others, the reasons of our failures and misfortunes. It is probably more exciting to fight a common known and identified enemy outside the group (the colonizer), than an invisible and elusive one, part of the group (oneself). However, even in special conditions, this fight is to be led. At the risk of being repetitive, I will say again that African unity is to be built and shaped by Africans.’’

Quote 7

‘’ In a planned approach, the young African generation will have to fight its demons in order to be able to live with freedom and dignity. This generation must, everywhere, and with discipline and conviction, mobilize itself to bring a broad autonomy to the states of our continent in order to start answering the stabbing question: when will Africa be?’’

Quote 8

‘’The challenge of our generation is to restore the value of politics where politicians work for the people with honesty and pragmatism. In this regard, it is essential to refrain using untruths, deceptions, outrageous criticisms and false promises.’’

Quote 9

‘’ Every young African who wants change and who decides to be part of those shaping the future must do at first the inventory of its ideas, convictions, hopes, fears and doubts. This will allow him to choose an organization where he will learn to listen, to get upset, to argue, to tolerate and to give consistency to his ideas. He will also learn to be organized, to convince, to act and to resist. He will then engage in politics and become, more than a politician, a leader.’’